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Taking good care of window shades is how you get them to last a lot longer. Whether you have real or faux wood blinds, various types of drapes or some other window coverings, the advice below should provide you with useful information. For more tips and suggestions, simply get in touch with our team.

Consider whether or not you need day/night roller blinds

These window coverings are created by using two materials with different qualities and combining them into one alternating unit. One side offers full light blocking capabilities and blackout conditions, while the other consists of sheer fabric that filters and diffuses sunlight. Layered shades make for such a covering, as they utilize opaque and sheer strips to allow you to alternate between blackout and illumination at will.

Choose the right type of motorized blinds for your needs

Automating window treatments is the latest trend in smart home technology, and for good reasons. It’s incredibly convenient, and gives the room a neat and high tech look. By opting for motors and controls from brands such as Somfy and Lutron, you’re ensuring that the system will operate flawlessly from day one. Somfy, for example, has introduced the use of Z-Wave technology and allows for voice command options and utilizes silent motor technology. Lutron offers similar advantages, and both brands also have ways to utilize sensors for self-adjustment options.

Consider all the pros and cons of cellular shades

These window coverings are specifically designed to do more than just block and filter sunlight. Their main focus, other than that, is to also enhance the thermal insulation of the room, and reduce noise from outside. They can be made from sheer or opaque material, depending on your taste and needs. You should be aware that they require more effort to clean, and will probably be a bit heavier than the average window shade. Also, since their main purpose is to reduce heat transfer, they’re not as good at control light as some other types of coverings. Their look may not be every homeowner’s cup of tea, but their excellent insulation qualities make them well worth investing in.


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