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Blinds & Shades in Newport Beach CA

Custom made window coverings offer a huge number of benefits to any room, whether in a home or an office. It takes the guesswork out of creating the perfect environment for work or play, and lets you use your imagination much more when designing an interior space. Costa Mesa Blinds & Shades knows that natural light is essential in any property, residential or commercial, so we offer a wide range of custom blinds and shades to suit any requirements.

An Individual Approach in Newport Beach CA

The big benefit of custom window coverings is that they let you choose a product that exactly matches your home or business. We go one step further in helping you craft the perfect window treatments by offering a free consultation at your property. This gives you a chance to speak directly with one of our representatives, who will happily provide advice and guidance on the best options available to you. You’ll also get the opportunity to see how our shading products will look in each room, so you can picture exactly the right combination of styles and colors for your new blackout blinds or motorized curtains (or any other type of window treatment you want).

Top Quality Products

There’s no cutting corners with our window shade products. Our team here at Costa Mesa Blinds & Shades understands how important it is to be able to trust an investment like this, and we’re proud to offer a 5-year warranty with all of our products. You can be certain that you’re getting the right set of window coverings for your property, whether it’s cordless blinds, fabric Roman shades, or anything else. Our representatives are available to take precise measurements of all your windows, so that you can be certain your new shades will match their dimensions perfectly.

Here Are Some Of The Products We Provide in Newport Beach CA:

Commercial Blinds & Shades

It’s just as important to control natural light in a business as it is in a residential setting. Your employees and customers need to be given a comfortable and productive environment. Otherwise, your employees may struggle to be productive, and your customers will go elsewhere. The indoor ambiance you create using natural light is something that most people take for granted, until they see it enhanced or worsened. Ensure that your workers aren’t straining to see screens and your customers aren’t squinting in uncomfortable light by talking to one of our representatives. They’ll be able to assess exactly what’s needed to create the ideal balance of natural light in any premises using high quality custom made shades and all sorts of motorized blinds.

Sheer Shades

Combining many of the best aspects of blinds and shades, sheer shades are an excellent addition to any room. With normal blinds you run the risk of letting in dazzling light rays if you open the slats too far; this can be very uncomfortable, so you often have to close them more than you’d like. However, sheer shades are fitted with a gauzy material between the slats which helps disperse the sun’s bright light. This means you can keep the slats open wider when the sun’s out, meaning your room will benefit more from this natural light. This can be a huge benefit to rooms like the living room, which often needs as much light as it can get.

Motorized Shades

Modern smart shades can be a real benefit to any home. Available in both wired and wireless power configurations, these systems offer a huge amount of flexibility. Control options range from smartphones and digital assistant integration to automatic sensors and remote controls. This allows these products to provide benefits not only for your convenience, but also to your property’s security and energy-efficiency as well. In addition to all this, there are plenty of different designs and materials to choose from, so you won’t have to sacrifice aesthetics for convenience.

Faux Wood Blinds

Blinds made from real wood are undoubtedly attractive, but can require much more upkeep than other materials. That’s why faux wood is one of the most popular window covering options around - it offers all the appeal of timber but is far more resistant to dirt and moisture. This material can be used to create a wide range of styles, so if you’re looking for an attractive and functional material you should certainly explore our range of custom faux wood blinds.

Aluminum Blinds

Light, flexible and extremely durable, aluminum is an excellent material for blinds to be constructed from. It’s commonly used in commercial settings or home offices, where its smart aesthetics and low maintenance requirements make it an excellent fit. Our wide range of styles and designs means you won’t struggle to find custom aluminum blinds that suit your requirements.

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Outstanding Service

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Commercial & Residential

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