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Custom window coverings are the perfect way to improve any property. Boost productivity and customer comfort at your business by ensuring proper diffusion of natural light. Make your home feel more welcoming, bright and airy. You’ll also benefit from many practical advantages that modern custom coverings provide. When you have access to a local expert such as Laguna Niguel Blinds & Shades you can easily find the right set of treatments for any property. 

Our Wide Range Of Window Treatments Includes:

Cellular Shades Are A Great Investment

These insulating window coverings can have single, slim layers or double or triple cell constructs. You can easily install them in rooms such as the kitchen and living room. Thanks to the innovative honeycomb structure of cellular cells, they also provide thermal insulation as well as light blocking/filtering. That makes them a great choice for attic windows, where heat is often allowed to escape. Install custom cellular shades at your property to quickly enhance natural light control. Perfect for almost any situation, our local Corona Del Mar -based blinds experts can provide advice on how they can help you.

Blackout Blinds Keep Light Out Entirely

Custom blackout blinds make sure no light enters or leaves a room. This is ideal if you have young children who need to sleep while it’s light out. It’s also perfect if your bedroom is overlooked by nosy neighbors, or is near streetlamps. You don’t have to sacrifice aesthetic appeal though. Custom blackout blinds are available in many different colors and styles and can be matched to any interior design scheme.

Venetian Blinds Add A Touch Of Class

A great way to make any room feel smarter is to add custom Venetian blinds. These window coverings provide great light control and privacy in an attractive package. They’re suitable for businesses and homes. With many different choices on offer, Venetian blinds can be sleek and smart or homely and rustic. Choose from materials such as aluminum, vinyl, and wood. Find the perfect combination of colors and styles to suit your property. Venetian blinds are a popular choice in Corona Del Mar, and it’s easy to see why.

Roller Shades Are Simple Yet Elegant

Using roller shades to control natural light is a great way to improve any room. These units are slim and take up little space. That makes them an ideal choice for rooms like the bathroom or kitchen, where it’s important not to use up space. As well as being a simple yet effective way to add privacy and control light, roller shades also look great. Choose from a huge range of different patterns, colors, and designs to suit any property. From bright and lively to muted and elegant, there are custom roller shades to suit any taste. See the huge range of options available today for your Corona Del Mar office or home. And remember, motorized roller shades are one of the most popular options. Controlling them with a remote handset or a tablet/smartphone is easy as pushing a button or swiping a finger.

Motorized Blinds Bring Extra Convenience

Invest in wired or wireless motorized blinds to add 21st-Century convenience to your property. Easily control natural light levels with just a tap on your phone. That means you can easily cut out unwanted glare without getting off the sofa. Draw the blinds closer together during an office meeting without having to disturb anyone. Custom motorized blinds can be created to your exact specifications, with a huge range of different choice on offer. Our Corona Del Mar -based blinds experts stock all the best options, including Somfy shading motorization and control, so you’re guaranteed to find the perfect system.

Vertical Blinds Offer Great Privacy

Large windows are excellent for providing lots of natural light. If you want privacy, though, it’s important to have a way to cover them. The same goes for sliding glass doors, like the kind that often lead to backyard patios. Custom vertical blinds are the perfect way to cover these openings. It’s easy to set these window coverings to the desired level quickly and effectively. As with other custom window treatments, you can choose from a huge range of materials and colors to find the perfect new vertical blinds. From smart office blinds to wooden or faux wooden ones, vertical blinds are an excellent choice.

Faux Wood Blinds - Look Great, Easy To Maintain

Speaking of wood and faux wood, you can get any type of blinds made from these materials. Faux wood is the perfect material for any home. Custom faux wood blinds provide a great aesthetic boost to your internal decor. They’re also easy to look after and are a very practical choice. Faux wood blinds won’t absorb moisture like real wood does, and require much less maintenance. You’ll also have the same range of attractive finishes. From stained wood to paint, you’ll be sure of finding the ideal scheme for any room.

Consult With Blinds Experts Near Corona Del Mar CA

There’s no reason to put up with discomfort in your home or business. Invest in window coverings that provide a real solution to your problems. Contact your local experts at Costa Mesa Blinds & Shades today to see how your home could be improved. Free estimates available on all window shading products. This includes blackout curtains, exterior shades, and even window shutters. Call today to book a no-obligation appointment.

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