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Window Treatments in Irvine CA - Shades, Blinds, Drapes

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Window Treatments in Irvine CA - Shades, Blinds, Drapes

Any room that doesn’t get the right levels of natural light can have an uncomfortable ambiance. Sometimes it's inexplicable why something's "off", and usually it’s the lack of proper blinds or shades. This might be because it’s too dim, and it ends up feeling dull and unwelcoming. On the other hand, a room which gets too much light can be dazzling and uncomfortable. Whether you have a home or a business, either problem is important to deal with. You want your family and guests, or your customers and employees, to be comfortable in your property. Choosing custom window coverings lets you achieve exactly that. 

Some of The Window Treatments You Can Choose:

Vertical Blinds In Many Designs

Large windows, like those often found in living rooms and meeting rooms, can be hard to cover adequately. Many window coverings simply don’t work properly, compromising the comfort and privacy of those inside the room. Custom vertical blinds, on the other hand, are extremely effective and easy to use. They can, of course, meet your precise needs with a variety of designs. You can create Vertical blinds come in many different materials. From wood to fabric, letting you choose the perfect design for any room.

Faux Wood Blinds Provide Classic Appeal

Modern custom faux wood blinds are an excellent investment for any property. These are extremely convincing, looking just like the real thing. They’re available in all the same attractive finishes, too, including natural, stain and painted designs. However, faux wood blinds offer many practical advantages. They’re lighter and easier to clean than wood. They’re also not susceptible to moisture. Therefore, faux wood blinds fit various high-moisture areas. You can easily use them in rooms such as the kitchen or bathroom. These are extremely popular in Irvine, and it’s easy to see why.

Blackout Blinds Offer Total Light Control

You may find that it’s necessary to keep a room dark while the sun’s still out. Perhaps your kids need to nap during the day or go to bed while the summer sun’s shining. Blackout blinds are perfect for this, allowing you to totally block out sunshine whenever necessary. Since they prevent light passing through at all, custom blackout blinds also provide total privacy. That means if your bedroom is overlooked by your Irvine neighbors, these window coverings can guarantee privacy.

Motorized Shades - Make Life More Convenient

Make use of modern technology by investing in motorized shades for your property. These innovative window coverings allow you to easily alter their position with just the touch of a button. These remote control blinds can be set to automatically adjust their position during the day, too. This makes it seem as if someone’s at home, even when you’re away on vacation. By making burglars think twice, this can provide additional security for your property. Available in both wireless and wired power systems, Irvine residents can easily benefit from custom motorized shades.

Venetian Blinds Always Look Classy

One of the most popular types of window covering the world over, custom Venetian blinds make a fantastic choice for nearly any room. You can get Venetian blinds made out of all sorts of materials, depending on the needs of your property. Simply choose the combination of design elements and colors that best suits the design of your rooms. You’ll benefit from the local expertise of the Irvine window coverings professionals. Simply get in touch today to see how your property could be improved.

Cellular Shades Preserve Energy Efficiency

Using an innovative honeycomb-style structure, these window coverings offer powerful energy efficiency benefits. By installing cellular shades over windows with poor insulation, it’s possible to keep your property at a more comfortable temperature all year round. They’re excellent at turning even the fiercest rays into a soft glow. Cut down on your energy bills and make any room feel more welcoming with cellular shades. They even offer good noise-canceling capabilities. This makes them fantastic for windows near busy roads or next to a noisy neighbor.

Roller Shades - Easily Improve Any Room

You can very easily integrate roller shades into any property, bringing impressive benefits. You’ll find immense flexibility in the range of roller shade designs available to you. You've got a huge array of patterns and colors to choose from. Simply decide on the best match for your property, and you’ll have a new set of custom roller shades to enhance your room. These units are easy to install and can find a home in nearly any room in the house. Popular all over the world as well as with many local Irvine residents, these window treatments are a great choice.

Choose Custom Window Treatments That Suit All Your Needs in Irvine CA

Create the type of ambiance you want in your Irvine home or commercial businesses with new window blinds and/or shades. You can blackout light completely in a high-tech way with remote control blackout blinds. You can add a great deal of décor to the room with pleated Roman shades or other elegant coverings. Whichever type of window shading you're looking for, you can get them custom made at a bargain cost. Contact Costa Mesa Blinds & Shades to schedule a free estimate and consultation at your home/office.

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