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You can read the summaries of our latest blinds and shades installation jobs to get a better idea of what our products and services are like. Click on the projects below to learn more about each one.

Motorized Cellular Shades | Costa Mesa Blinds & Shades

Motorized Cellular Shades

Customer Issue: Mr. White was toying with the idea of automating his home for a long time and decided to make a small step in that direction.
Our Solution: Mr. White wanted to be able to operate the shades by a smartphone and to create customized scenes he could schedule to his satisfaction. We presented him with various types of window treatments and he opted for cellular shades. We promised to return as soon as we finished making the shades to the measurements of his windows, and we did. After we installed the shades and explained to Mr. White how everything worked, we took our leave.

Charles White - Costa Mesa
Blackout Curtains Nearby Costa Mesa CA

Blackout Curtains

Customer Issue: Mr. Saren wanted his refurbished guestroom to feel as secure and comfortable as possible. Some blackout curtains over the double windows seemed like the best option.
Our Solution: Light cream colored blackout fabric measured for Mr. Saren’s 5x6 window made up the center of our team’s work. We cut the fabric into two curtains, folded and sewed a decorative trim into each, and then got them acquainted with the customer’s existing curtain rod. We already stress tested the rod, so we knew it could hold the weight.

Arthur Saren - Costa Mesa
Vertical Blinds Next To Newport Beach CA

Vertical Blinds

Customer Issue: Mrs. Grant needed new blinds that would suit her large living room windows, and wanted something that would make the room feel spacious.
Our Solution: Horizontal lines would look too cluttered in big windows such as the ones in the customer’s living room, so our experts suggested cream colored vertical blinds instead to suit the area. The customer agreed wholeheartedly, and the blinds were created for each window specifically and installed by our experts quickly and easily.

Dawn Grant - Newport Beach
Pleated Shades Close-by Fountain Valley CA

Pleated Shades

Customer Issue: The kitchen had three narrow short windows over the counter and they all needed new shades.
Our Solution: Our team felt that the best option is low-cost pleated shades, made of single layer of fabric filled with insulating cells, and folded into pleats, giving the customer energy efficient light filtering solution. Cordless top down/bottom up lift was chosen for a range of privacy control and opening and closing possibilities.

Kevin Blevins - Fountain Valley
Motorized Roller Shades Nearby Costa Mesa CA

Motorized Roller Shades

Customer Issue: Old and poorly maintained shades needed replacement, and the owner wanted the new ones to also be motorized.
Our Solution: The consultation team determined that the old hand-drawn shades’ housing needed to come out, which our technicians did before attaching the new roller and motor for these mauve vinyl shades. Syncing, programming, and testing for the remote control and timer went without a hitch.

Eoin Morgan - Costa Mesa
Drapery Close To Turtle Rock CA


Customer Issue: An unfortunate domestic incident involving a bad-tempered cat left a pair of window curtains in tatters. Replacement curtains were needed.
Our Solution: During the consultation appointment, we helped the customer pick out a pair of stylish zebra striped sheet curtains that matched the bedroom’s décor. The new pair were fitted and hung on the same mount, and the family will be keeping their pet out of the bedrooms from now on.

Mahmud Sukarno - Turtle Rock
Faux Wood Blinds Nearest Costa Mesa CA

Faux Wood Blinds

Customer Issue: The customer converted a spare room into a bed and breakfast, and needed some beautiful new window blinds to make it a proper one.
Our Solution: Mrs. Bettelheim picked out two matching sets of Venetian style imitation ebony blinds for her new bed & breakfast’s pair of windows. Fitting them to the twenty-four inch window width was easy, and hanging the slats and tapes went smoothly. Testing was a success.

Trina Bettelheim - Costa Mesa
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Outstanding Service

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Satisfaction Guarantee

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Commercial & Residential

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