Honeycomb Blinds

July 6, 2016

Perfect for High-tech Homes

Honeycomb shades

Built with a complete suite of configurable and customization features, these Honeycomb Blinds  may soon become a basic modern home interior décor material. Its cutting edge design and ergonomic structure creates a modern technological effect. Each horizontal panel that is creatively planned to form a honeycomb pattern, when viewed sideways, reflect its concept of a high-technology theme.

As a smart home ready window fixture, this window cover can be configured to connect wirelessly to a smart home platform. The honeycomb shades and its individual slats are made of premium sheer fabric that creates a subtle cascade of various hues and tones. Built custom fit to cover glass windows and glass doors of any size and shape, these custom blinds are ideal to use in homes and office spaces.

Request for swatches and free samples to choose from any of the available materials and colour combination options. The best price option for modern design interior décor and fixtures that is fit for today’s smart home living.